About Me

Hi. I'm Sarah, a passionate master gardener and sustainable landscape designer ready to transform your garden into a beautiful yet sustainable paradise, organically. There's a lot of talk of organic and sustainable, and in case you didn't know, what it is really means is to do no harm to yourself, to others nor to nature. So we don't use fungicides, insecticides or herbicides; no pesticides what-so-ever. We also do not fertilise non-organically. We use quality, soil-life enhancing products like activated EM, mycorrhizal fungi, and of course plenty of wonderful, local organic compost and mulch.


My Background 


  • deferred Masters of Environmental Science, Ecology


  • Organic Master Gardener/Organic Horticulture Specialist with a 96.5%

  • Sustainable Landscape Design


Travelling around the world in my twenties, I studied Feng Shui design and Permaculture, and do include these aspects in all of my designs.


So here we are. You are wondering, do I really need her? Can't I do this on my own? I'm here to tell you that you can't; you need me. 

Who I Help

If you have a new-build desolate landscape you want looking fabulous, yesterday...


If you have a yard that you know could look better and could do a bit more for nature than the current grass that only the neighbourhood dogs love...

If you have children, and would love to see them pick fresh blueberries, raspberries and strawberries from your own backyard...

If you live in a dense, urban area but could still squeeze in a 4x4 raised garden box/a rainbow of veggies in containers on your sunny balcony or deck/a bright accessible windowsill overflowing with drought-hardy white, purple and yellow flowers...

How I Do It

Okay, let's do this. First you send me an email with photos of the area needing transforming, and I will get back to you within a day whether I can take you on as a new client; I will also need as well from you a short list of your top five wishes for your landscape, and these three questions answered:

1. How much Sun and from When to When?

2. How much Work do you want to do/pay to take care of it? Little, Fair Amount or a Lot? [Please note: unless you are planting gravel, all gardens need some regular maintenance - not going to lie to you]

3. Modern and Muted or Cottage and Colourful? A Little Bit of Both?

What's in It for You

Having a piece of paradise that brings BEAUTY and attracts NATURE to your door or window will fill your SOUL and brighten your LIFE. Is that enough reason? 

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