Transforming your garden into a beautiful, low maintenance, sustainable landscape

What is sustainable landscaping?

Whether you love bees, bugs and birds, or wish for a more tranquil, zen-like garden, we can all agree that it is time for a change in the way we think about the space we share with the rest of Nature, whether that be in your container-garden patio or just starting out on an acreage. Sustainable landscaping involves taking into consideration your role in your backyard ecology, and how you can do the world a favour, by making it better. Call me for a free estimate now. Nature will thank you.

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My Story

With a background in ecology,  I have always been passionate about my place in the surrounding natural environment. Moving into an unfinished property adjacent to an abandoned quarry was not necessarily my dream come true, but I knew it could become it. 


After spending three years transforming our property into a thriving abundant backyard, the next steps were to advance my Botanical, Permaculture and Feng Shui knowledge by studying Sustainable Landscape Design.

Trained as an Organic Master Gardener as well as an Organic Horticultural Specialist, YOGARDENS DESIGN has the knowledge you need to make your garden dreams come true. 

Landscape Design Options

If you are brand new to gardening but enthusiastic to start growing your own food organically, want help beautifying your patio with fabulous but low-maintenance containers or looking to completely revamp your existing property or build a gorgeous landscape on your acreage, we work closely with our clients, within their budget and scope, on everything from setting up raised garden beds and vegetable containers to transforming construction rubble into a sustainable garden oasis.

Getting Started

Raised Vegetable Boxes

Grow backyard vegetables in as little as 16 sq ft! We outfit everything you need to start growing vegetables, organically, right away, including the seedlings and/or seeds.

Outdoor Oasis

Customised Garden Design

With over 20 years of experience with a focus on PNW-adaptable natives and non-natives, minimalist zen gardens, ornamental perennials and grasses, ferny shade gardens, rain-gardens and annual food crops, our aim is to create beautiful and useful gardens across the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. ​

Sustainable Landscape

One Year Plan

When starting with a brand new build, often times you are left with nothing but rubble and compacted soil. Not much can grow in that! 

But with my help, I can design and turn your construction fill into a stunning natural landscape.

Success Stories

"Yogardens Designs changed my front entryway into the perfect modern look"

Angela B.

Contact me to create your own sustainable landscape

Pemberton BC


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